The editorial board of the journals "Bulletin of Toraighyrov University", "Science and Technology of Kazakhstan" and "Local History" in its work adheres to international standards on the ethics of scientific publications and takes into account the information sites of leading international journals.

The editorial board of the journal, as well as persons participating in the publishing process, in order to ensure the high quality of scientific publications, in order to avoid unfair practices in publishing activities (use of inaccurate information, data production, plagiarism, etc.), to ensure public recognition of scientific achievements must comply with ethical standards and standards adopted by the international community and take all reasonable steps to prevent such violations.

The editorial board in no way encourages illegal behavior (plagiarism, manipulation, falsification) and make every effort to prevent the occurrence of such cases. In the event that the editorial board becomes aware of any illegal actions in relation to the published article in the journal or in the case of a negative result of the expert examination of the editorial boards, the article is rejected from publication.

The editorial board should not disclose information about the manuscripts accepted for publication to third parties who are not reviewers, potential reviewers, members of the editorial board, and employees of the printing house. Unpublished data obtained from manuscripts should not be used for personal research purposes without the written permission of the author.

Responsibility of experts (reviewers)

Reviewers should make objective judgments and point to relevant published work that is not yet cited. Peer-reviewed articles should be consulted confidentially. Reviewers will be selected so that there is no conflict of interest with respect to the study, authors and / or sponsors of the study.

Authors' responsibility

The author is responsible for the content of the work. Authors are required to make corrections, clarifications, refutations and apologies, if any.

The author must not submit an article identical to that previously published in another journal. In particular, English or German translations of articles already published in another language are not accepted.

In the event that significant errors are found in the manuscript of the article, the author must inform the editor of the section about this before signing the original layout of the journal issue for printing. Otherwise, the author must correct all critical remarks at his own expense.

By sending an article to the journal, the author is aware of the specified degree of personal responsibility, which is reflected in a written appeal to the editorial board of the Journal.